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Home > Reviews > published in 2015. Steven McGill Project - Nia: Purpose   Style: Jazz   06/02/2016   Stephen McGill - vibraphonist and percussionist playing various instruments but, primarily, kongeyro, and among his favorite musicians appear the names of Mongo Santamaria, Poncho Sanchez, and other great masters of the instrument, and the Afro-Cuban jazz, which is at the core of his musical interests . Behind McGill big way in the music, which were milestones in Washington, London, Paris and finally to Los Angeles, where Stephen now lives and more than ten years by the ensemble Steven McGill Project. The composition of the team is flexible, but the basis of it consists of musicians with whom Stephen had met to work together in one of the LA groups, WaterColours: guitarist Jeff Stetson, pianist Steve Corilla, and later came to the group bassist Rene Gaston. They, together with a number of other instrumentalists and vocalists participated in the recording of the fourth in a row big album - Nia: Purpose. album Program totaled nine very different compositions. It opens its play of Stephen Alliot, where he once impressively demonstrates its skill vibraphonist. On the contrary, in the version of the famous jazz standard Green Dolphin Street his vibraphone as it serves as a link between the two solo Gus bright colors Rene, who succeeded in this track a basic tool on lead guitar. This Afro-Cuban rhythmic structure is characteristic for both of these formulations, as, however, and the album as a whole. The third disc of the composition, Lost One, the first time we hear singing. Composed this thing Simeon Carson, singer, rap, which sounds in it to the accompaniment of a saxophone Javier Vergara. The basis for the composition served neither more nor less than Coltrane's A Love Supreme, but the place is ecstatic hymn of divine love there took very toxic exposure of social ills of society. It turned controversial, but interesting. Social motives sound in a different song with the vocals, composed by singer Jeet Merlina Khosla, - Give a Little More Love. This thing is presented on the disc even in a purely instrumental version, which pushed to the fore pure rock guitar Jeff Stetson. The list includes album covers even the interpretation of such famous hits as Autumn Leaves and Besame Mucho. At last I would like to stay by themselves. This popular play Latin repertoire very often play up excessively bulging caricature p-p-p-grow. Steven McGill Project happily avoids such a fulfilling Besame Mucho in a restrained and even rather sad way, with excellent piano parties (Steve Corilla), Guitar (Joe Calderon) and vibraphone (Stephen McGill) - a very good and beautiful version! And finally, not to mention another cover: See Line Woman by Nina Simone. Where Afro-Cuban line, it can be said, goes into the shadows, giving way to a purely African - with the voice of Lady MACD, Vergara flute and percussion leader. ... The title of the album Nia: Purpose two words, but they mean the same thing: "The aim", only the name is given in two languages ​​- English and Swahili. If we assume that Stephen and his colleagues set out to not only entertain the listener, but also a tremendous opportunity to show the Afro-Cuban jazz, the goal of his, they certainly achieved. © 2015 Morning Star Records 9 tks / 61 mins (Steven McGill - vibe, perc, Steve Correll - p; Gaston Rene - b, g; Jeff Stetson, Joe Calderon - g; Gene Stone, Olises Naranjo, Forrest Robinson, Darryl Washington - dr; Javier Vergara - sax, fl; Simeon "Symbolic" Carson, Merlene "Jita " Holsey, Sandra "Lady McD" McDaniels, Amilia Castonguay - voc;) Link gave Steven McGill Leonid Auskern authors Leonid Auskern musical style Latin jazz a country USA  Tell your friends:   https://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?depth=1&hl=en&prev=search&rurl=translate.google.com&sl=ru&u=http://jazzquad.ru/index.pl%3Fact%3DPRODUCT%26id%3D4346&usg=ALkJrhi75kKAiy7b9eHU-WlzgChAX_IHqw#” - Leonid Auskern

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