I  have not written a blog in months.No excuses or explanations this time.  I would like to share our upcoming event September 10, 2016, The first annual Venice Wave Festival in Venice Beach California.  We will be performing with a…


World StageJam Session 4

Just a sample of what you get when you come to the World Stage on Thursday night.  


World Stage Jam Session 2

The World Stage has a jam session every Thursday night at 9{00pm-Midnight.  If you have a chance to attend you must, here is a little of what you might see.


Jam Session at The World Stage

There are a lot of jam sessions in Los Angeles.  I do not need to tell you how much talent is located within the county lines.  One of the many jam sessions takes place at the World Stage in Leimert…

Jam Sessions at The World Stage

There are a lot of great jam sessions in Los Angeles, this is one of the best.every Thursday Night at 9:00pm the World Stage opens it's doors for a great jam session.  Try to attend.



I got a chance to be a part of a celebration presented by The Solidarity House of the South located at 4163 South Central Ave. Los Angeles Ca. 90011 on Dec. 15th 2015.  A lot of positive work is being…

A Great Place To Be

Since it has been almost four months since my last Blog post this is obviously not a weekly or monthly event.  In my defense there have been a lot of Youtube, Facebook things posted so we are continuing to reach…