by The Steven McGill Project

Released 2010
Morning Star Records
Released 2010
Morning Star Records
The Steven McGill Project is on fire burnig through some old favorites that will keep you dancig and feeling good. From the opening melody you will begin a musical journey through East L.A. that you won't want to end!!!
"Kujichagulia" is a new direction for the band. This album features eight jazz standards and three original tunes. Past recordings were almost always composed of original compositions. In addition this recording places the work of percussionist Steven McGill at the center of each tune either on the vibraphone, his Conga drums or in a few cases behind the piano. This provides for a more focused sound and direction for the music. If you are a percussion fan this the album for you. If you are as jazz fan this is the album for you. If you are a fan of good music this is the album for you. There are not many percussionist out there you can give you what The Steven McGill Project does!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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