The beginning is always the best place to start.  "The Steven McGill Project" was given it's name by my friend Jim Carter.  We were both working on a recording that Jeff Stetson was doing at the time "Nowhere Street".  We, I mean Jeff, Daniel McCoy, and myself were at the residence of Mr. Gregory Corrales for Daniel to record he and I for some tracks on the CD.  It was my 1st time meeting Gregory and obviously our first time playing together.  I had already done several of these for Jeff when i had this great idea "I can do this" meaning I could record my of CD with a little effort.  So at that moment I decided to make a recording.  From time to time while working on getting this done to do the recording Jim Carter would always ask me "Steve how's your PROJECT coming?"  It took a couple of years of answering that question before the Ujima recording was actually done giving birth to the band name "The Steven McGill Project".  Initially it was just going to be a single recording but, I kept wanting more i.e. to play out in public do more recordings etc., etc. so here we are today starting a band web site.  I have been reading that in order to reach an hold listeners you need have "BLOG" to let people know who you are and what you do.  So this "blog" will probably be very short as do not lead and exciting life by any standards.  All of my friends and family will tell you I'm a pretty laid back don't put me in the spot light kind of person yet here I am doing something I don't really like i.e. blogging because of something I really like playing music.  So I will post often how often I'm not sure yet, about what's going on with the band as we work to complete our latest CD "Nia" for it's Jan. 2015 release.  Once we are a little further along and I know more about how to use this site I will post parts of the recordings we have done so far.  So visit of often and please like us on Facebook it does help

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