We did not get the 250 votes we needed to get the $150,000.00 grant for the band.  It was a long shot at best so now on to something new.  I can't tell if anyone is even reading these blogs so what I've decided to do is give away a copy of the song of your choice from our recordings Ujima, Kuumba or Kujichagulia to anyone who leaves us a comment here of any kind.  I don't know how long we'll do this but it will go on for awhile.

  I received a call yesterday from Jeff Stetson informing me that our friend, drummer Gregory Corrales had passed.  This is not a subject that I would normally choose to write about but , the fact that his funeral is on Sunday Oct. 26 my birthday makes me think about our mortality even a bit more.  Gregory had decided to move on in his musical career but we remained friends.  I felt bless the day he agreed to play with me.  Today I feel blessed for having known him.  I had been trying to promote the new version of the band with pictures and bios etc. so pulled out some old pics that maybe even some band members may not have seen.  Life is short..We should always remember that tomorrow is not promised to us so let's live and love today.  #:00PM  Oct. 26, 2014,  2609 North Lincoln in Altadena are services in Gregory's honor.

Well I tried to make this a video blog post but as you can see there is NO video.  Well there is on the first page.  The title is the same.  I have been trying for hours but I could not get that video on to this blog page.  My lack of computer skills is on full display.  So please take a look at "The Hardest Instrument to Play" 

We took a step closer to completing our new CD 9/24/2014.  We added backing vocals to our interpretation of a jazz classic A Love Supreme.  If you are expecting to hear it done in a similar fashion to what has been recorded before, don't.  As was the case with our recording of Goodbye Pork Pie Hat this is something entirely different.  A completely new story.  Well maybe that statement is a little over the top as there is "nothing new under the sun".  We do, in my opinion break some new ground with the song which hopefully will bring new listeners to John Coltrane's song who may not have listened before.  While this video does not reveal much, it is a statement that we are at work on getting this recording completed.  So while you'll only hear Jita, Amalia, and Sandra repeating the same phrase over and over they are actually pulling the other 23 tracks together very nicely.  Anyway have a fantastic day, week , month, year, life until next time.  ;)           MOV01239.MPG

This title is referring to the "video blog" I was attempting to post today but as the title says "it didn't work".  The ma file size was reached before the video was upload.  This is actually the second time this has happened.  Once with a video of Sandra "LadyMcD" McDaniels where the max file size was reached before the video was uploaded.  I won't say what was in the blog because I'll reuse it at a later date. Instead I'll focus on the title because I feel it happens to us a lot.  So when it happens I have to take a deep breath and look at why "it didn't work" hopefully see where the error in why thinking was and do it again.  The point is to never give up no matter what. If you do concede then you will live with that concession for the rest of your life.  Those types of prospects bother me, all of my friends say I'm very stubborn hard headed etc. I however view it more like that old saying, "try, try again" and believe.   It is important to believe in yourself and whatever it is that you may be doing, just believe, JUST BELIEVE :)

On 9/11/2015 a fund raiser is being held for our friend Gene Stone at VITELLO'S 4349 Tujunga Avenue in Studio City, Ca. 91604 phone 818-769-0905.  Gene is pretty ill right now and he can use all of the help we all can give him.  I personally have know Gene over twenty years going back when we played together in Jeff Stetson's WATERCOLOURS Band.  I learned a lot from listening and playing with Gene.  Hopefully we will get to play together some more soon.

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