It has been awhile since I posted.  I suppose there are two ways to look at this.  I am viewing the delays in posting to waiting for the right post.  The the right post being that the band has decided to record some new music.  We are looking at March of 2017 with an eye on this being the first in studio recording.  Our last three recordings have been done in my home studio, with me serving as engineer, musician, producer and anything else that needed to be done.  So  we will do a CD of  original compositions that will introduce our new members Joe Gaeta, Jack Fulks and Mike Mowen and our new direction.  I am excited about how we sound and what will come out of this up coming session, we hope you be too.

Venice Wave Festival is right around the corner!!!! September 10, 2016 10:00am it gets started 25 bands we are one of them.  Come out and have some fun with us.

Well it is official.  The band will now perform only original music.  I guess I should not say "only', however at least 90% of what we perform will be written by someone in the band.  For me it was a hard choice as I feel people are more willing to listen to something they know as opposed to something new.  We are blessed to have a Japan connection via our drummer Gene Stone.  For this reason we are working on new material that will be performed for the first time at the Venice Wave Festival September 10, 2016.  We will go on at noon.  Since this is the first time for most of this music to be heard by being on time you can be one of the first people to hear what we have been working on.  Also if things go according to plan we will be recording these new songs for release as a new CD for the Japanese market.  That is it for now.  I will keep you posed about the Venice Wave Festival.

I  have not written a blog in months.No excuses or explanations this time.  I would like to share our upcoming event September 10, 2016, The first annual Venice Wave Festival in Venice Beach California.  We will be performing with a host of other talented artists.  We hope you will join us.  Look for future information about the date.

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Just a sample of what you get when you come to the World Stage on Thursday night.  

The World Stage has a jam session every Thursday night at 9{00pm-Midnight.  If you have a chance to attend you must, here is a little of what you might see.

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