Whatever you do when you want some to know that you care about them it may be time to do that for my friend and drummer Gene Stone.  Gene is currently staying at in VA hospital in Westwood not by choice.  He would much rather be making music with all of us, but his health is preventing him from doing that right now.  He has been hospitalized for over a month now.  Sharing is caring so whatever it is you can do for Gene please do it now.

The new recording is finished.  I thought I would make this post a lot earlier, then there was a period when I wondered if I would make this post at all.  The title is Ujamaa which means collective economics.  It is our first recording of all original music.  We'll able to share some new music with you soon!!!

Second blog post in a month.  I'm doing good!!!  Each CD title has been chosen to represent the band as I saw it in relation to the principles of Kwanzaa.  The title of our up coming CD will be "Ujamaa" which means cooperative economics.  So the title just came to me and I thought why not share it with anyone who might care.  So coming to your ears soon "Ujamaa - cooperative Economics from The Steven McGill Project!!!

I just looked at my last post, it's been 3 months????   There are of course a long list of reasons why we still haven't finished what I think is our best recording yet.  Problems have arisen during each and every recording.  They have all been a challenge to comply, but nothing like this one, NOTHING!!!!  For all of our struggles I know we have something special.  So hold on awhile longer.  I will at least have a title for this CD soon.  Thanks for being a fan of our music!!!

We are a little behind schedule with our new recording, but it is in progress! 

Okay we can report some baby steps in relation to getting this new recording accomplished.  April 1, 2017 we will be at the Music Lab in Highland Park to start our new project!!!   We will be working with engineer Tim Moore who I met thru my friends and bandmates in the Northeast L.A. Jazz Group.  I know I had said we would record in late March, but life has it's own timeline.....it's coming!!!!

Well we are still working on some great new material that I hope will excite you as much as it does me.  As with most things there have been some set backs however it is still going to get done.  Maybe not by the end of Mach although that is still possible too.  We just wat it to be good so stay tuned!!!!

It has been awhile since I posted.  I suppose there are two ways to look at this.  I am viewing the delays in posting to waiting for the right post.  The the right post being that the band has decided to record some new music.  We are looking at March of 2017 with an eye on this being the first in studio recording.  Our last three recordings have been done in my home studio, with me serving as engineer, musician, producer and anything else that needed to be done.  So  we will do a CD of  original compositions that will introduce our new members Joe Gaeta, Jack Fulks and Mike Mowen and our new direction.  I am excited about how we sound and what will come out of this up coming session, we hope you be too.

Venice Wave Festival is right around the corner!!!! September 10, 2016 10:00am it gets started 25 bands we are one of them.  Come out and have some fun with us.

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