Steve is another person who I have had the good fortune to know and work with for a very long time.  He is a multi instrumentalist who played piano for the recording Kujichagulia.  Steve has his Master's degree in music, was the keyboard player for the U.S. Air Force Jazz Band when they were voted the best jazz band in the country.  Steve teaches and plays with everyone you have to check him out.  Anyway again this is being posted under a time constraint and will be updated in the future to let you know who Steve Correll really is.

Steve is a great Conga drummer who is part of the foundation upon which everything we do is built.  

Joe is an incredible player whose many talents are on display with the band.  

Gene is a veteran of the Los Angles jazz scene.  He is the engine that drives the band.

Jack is a fantastic musician who is a joy to work with.  He is a great writer whose compositions we are performing in our current performances. 

Jita and I (Steven McGill) met at a sight reading class held at the Musicians Union Local 47 in Hollywood California.  Jita did all the vocal arranging for " I"ll Sing your Praise" for the CD Kujichagulia.  Jita is also the Producer, and Writer of a Gospel Dramedy call "Pleasure Pit" music by Sir Harry.  Jita's singing carrer has included working with Stevie Wonder, Peabo Bryson, Denise Williams, Leslie Uggams, Bob Segar, James Ingram, and many others.  In addition to singing with us Jita is also a member of Tony Newton's TNT Xtreme and is currently working on releasing her own CD.  Jita's vision as Founder and CEO of Los Angeles Metro Arts Center is to empower disenfrnachised youth to receive hands on experience and training to develop their talents.  Jita has traveled the world extensively and performed on staqge with New Birth, Undisputed Truth, Earth Wind and Fire, Curtis Mayfield and Debarge.  She has an extensive library of original songs as well as collaborations with various arrangers and musicians.  She has composed for film as well.  James D. Meredith's "So Many Reasons" music and lyrics arranged by Merlene Jita Holsey Harry Bowens' "Soul Cry" I'm the one, lyrics and music by Derek E. Holloway and Merlene Jita Holsey.  Jita is a great talent so take a closer look!!!

The drum is the heartbeat.  Nothing happens in music without a beat, a pulse, time.  The percussionist is that beat, that pulse.  Steven McGill is the drum in all of it's forms. Steven is one of a handful of Percussionist to record playing the conga drum, bongo drum, jembe drum, timbales, shekeree, quica, vibraphone, xylophone, maracas, waterphone, rain sticks, gongs, cowbells, go-go bells, piano, cabasa, tambourine, thunder stick, berimbau, various bird calls, whistles, and various rattles shakers etc..  Steven also writes music and lyrics.  Steven also plays tabala, talking drum, kalimba, log drum, and the balaphone although he has yet to record these instruments.  It is a very short list of Percussionists who can play all of these instruments at Steven's level.

Mike is a new and valued addition to the band.  A five string player who is also an incredible writer.  You will hear all of Mike's talents in our live performances.

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