Welcome to the Steven McGill Project.  Thank you for visiting our home.  We are here to provide your ears with the best jazz music available be it recorded or in live performance.  We perform standard and original compositions.  The group size can be tailored to meet your requirements.  We are here to provide music to make YOU happy.  Visit our Audio page to listen to our recorded music.  Visit our Bio. page to gain information about individual band members.  Read our Blog for the latest information about the band.  Enjoy your visit come often.  Give us a "Like" on Facebook, it does help.  Here is a little background on the Steven McGill Project.   I, Steven McGill - percussionist,  am lucky enough to be in a musical community that enjoys making all types of music.  With the help of friends we have been able to  produce two CD's and one EP over the last eleven years none of which would have been possible without the support of this community.  Let me start by extending my appreciation to the musicians that made Kujichagulia possible Gaston Rene - bass,  Steve Correll - piano, Jeff Stetson - Guitar, Joe Calderon - Guitar, Forrest Robinsion - Drums, Olises Naranjo - Drums, Javier Vergara - Reeds, Gerald Monteros - Reeds, Carla Bagnerise - Vocals, Sandra "Lady McD" McDaniels - Vocals, Merlene "Jita" Holsey - Vocals, Ellen Cooper - Vocals, Jim Carter - Flute, because without their effort and talent the CD never would have happened.  Now I would like to let everyone know we are presently recording a new CD "Nia" which means "Purpose" in Swahili as in this is what we were meant to do at this point in time.  The music keeps improving as everyone in this community works very hard at what they do.  No one is ever satisfied with where they are, so we all keep working to improve our skills which this upcoming CD will show.  Thanks has to go out also to the musicians who made the Ujima recording possible.  In addition to the people I already mentioned Steve Correll who again played piano, Jeff Stetson - Guitar, Gerald Monteros - Reeds, Jim Carter - Flute,  Olises Naranjo - Timbales, there was Ray Ortega - Timbales, Gregory Corrales - Drums, Gark Lenk - Bass.  The vocalist for that recording were Cherie Ruangol who sang lead on Afro Blue, the other vocalist were Emee Romero, Emily M. Cabacungan, Redeelyn Romero, and Rosemarie Binias.  Thank you everyone because you were the beginning.  "Kuumba" was really just an attempt to keep playing, basically just me and Gerald Monteros.  So that brings us to today, a new day, a great day to make great music!!!!  The band is available to perform live which is an even more incredible experience (in my opinion) when it comes to enjoying this music.  Life presents us with a short period of time to enjoy.  Don't miss your opportunity to enjoy us!!!  For the most current and updated information about what is happening with the band be sure to take a look at our Blog. Leave us a comment with your e-mail address and we will send you a digital copy of a single of your choice from Ujima, Kuumba or Kujichagulia  

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